Hang out with Linge (a girl who lives in Melbourne), 02/02/2017


One time in Melbourne I was make an appointment for having lunch outside with Linge, my fellow-sister. It’s been a long time since I have not seen her. Around 1pm I got changed & ready to go to the downtown of Melbourne.

I think it’s one of the nice cities in Aussie & have an easy access to the downtown from the cruise ship terminal. So the city provide bunch of transportation like trams, buses, trains & so well organized. I’m pretty impressed with it. One card to pay for any kind of it & if you just wanna use the tram only in the downtown, it’s totally free!!!


Top: Indonesian Bus, bottom: melbourne’s tram. Almost looks the same eyy. lol


I needed to meet her in the Collins St. with the tram & you only have to pass 4 tram’s stops for 15 minutes. She was sitting there on the station waiting for me. First stop we were going to the nice Thai food restaurant called “ratee Thai.” Locate on the Flinders St, Melbourne VIC because I really missed the Asian food. Apparently this restaurant is the one and only also the favorite one in the city. The price was fair, not really expensive both of us just spent about AUD 18. Check out the website: http://www.rateethai.com/

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Next one we went to get some desserts on the “POP STIC” ice cream in the Federation Square, next to the Riverland Bar. Then again it’s the one & only brand in Melbourne. I bought the green Gin Watermelon & Linge the Pink one which was I forgot the taste LOL.  So, both of us just enjoyed our ice cream along the road. Check out for the website: http://popsticicecream.com.au/


Pop stic for dessert

Well, it wasn’t really much to do though because I need to return back onboard at 5pm. At the end; we went to her apartment. Next time we gonna meet again & plan something exciting!!!



Discovering the Kuto – Île des Pines, 01/28/17


This is the trully paradise Island



It’s another day in paradise, island of the pines. That’s what people called for this island. Today we were tendering, again, so I need to hop on the tender boat to catch up my tour (as always almost being late, LOL). From the boat I knew it would be a beautiful day with the white talcum sand beach, but I’m not coming for swimming.

The bus already awaits for me & 46 other tour members (of course the guests & I am the escort), ready to bring us thru the panoramic of Kuto & reveal it secrets. Kelemana introduced herself as our tour guide for our 2 hours tour. She’s mixture of France & New Caledonia, can speaks English, France, & Kunye (the her mother language)


A selfie of Kelemana & me

The first sight was “Cave of Queen Hortense” in the middle of the forest. We only need about 5 minutes to reach the cave & you need to watch your steps because it was raining this morning. A little story from the cave for you, this was the place of a Queen named Kanedjio to hide from her tribes so she could not be killed.


Kanedji Vandegou or the Queen od Hortense


The way to access the cave. Its only about 5 minutes walking from the paking lot

Why? When her father (the high chief in that time) died in a war, she was only 1 year old. In their tradition, the only one who can replace the chief is his son, & the high chief only has 1 daughter, Kanedjio. Her uncle realized that people want to kill her, so to settle down everything Kanedjio was taken to this cave for about 6 months.
The end of the story, Kanedjio was married with her cousin so the high chief can be taken by him, & Kanedjio can still alive.


This is the view of the cave

Driving thru the village of the Vao tribe we’re heading to the sanduesef bay. It’s the other side of Kuto Island with some carving’s boat by the beach. As you can see on the picture that I took, really nice & beautiful, looks like a postcard, haha. Unfortunately, we only have 10 minutes to chilling around then need to go for the next spots.


The houses of Vao tribe’s citizen. Luckily they don’t nee to pay any taxes. Lol


The island has about 3,000 population & 90% of them are Catholic. There are only 2 churches in the island. The first one, church of Lady of the assumption, was built in 1848 & spent about 40 years to finish it then the other one just an additional. Next to the church is a public school for elementary & high school with no cost for the people. If you want to continue your study, the university is in Nouméa.


The Vao’s Lady of Assumption Catholic church


The one public elementary/high school in Kuto, the island of pine

Last site is the Bay of St. Maurice. This is the first Catholic Missionary, St. Maurice, arrived in Kuto. You can see in the pictures there is one statue of Jesus surrounded by totems. People believe that as long the totems there they’re always protected from the evil spirits.
Well, everybody was happy after the tour including me. Time to get back on the ship which is supposed to be the last tender boat is 3:30pm, but we arrived in the pier at 3:40pm LOL.


St. Maurice Bay

Walking thru the Downtown of Lautoka, 01/26/17


Scenic view in the downtown of Lautoka

I have a short break time; well I can explore the city a little bit. I’m happy now they provide us a shuttle bus to the down town. On my last contract, we need to walk for about 20 minutes. FYI, Lautoka is part of the Pacific island in Fiji. They’re using Fiji Dollars.

So I step on to the brand new minivan, so comfy and freshen inside it. We reached the downtown only for 5 minutes, better than the last time LOL. They have like 4 or 5 provided shuttles, so it will be like 10 minutes waiting time for us.

The town is nice & clean as you can see in the picture. I like the sight of the downtown. The streets, buildings were nice & well organized. Everybody is friendly and they speaks English very well even the kids. Very impressive! I learned my first English in Junior High School. Haha…

Shops around the town are very unique. Almost all of them selling music instrumental like ukulele (my favorite one), guitar & drums. The same like in Indonesia, some of local people offering Samsung smartphone when you passing by them.


Shops around the downtown. Plenty of them offering discounts!

Anyway, besides have a little walk, I also need to buy a local sim card. So I went to the one & only Digicel store that provide the sim card. I heard that they are offering like $6 Fijian Dollar for 1 GB, and that’s true. I got what I want but I spent about 30 minutes for the process. OMG!


I need to deal with this receptionist for about 30 minutes juz for 1 sim card

Well that’s my story for today.

Snorkle Time in Port Vila, Vanuatu, 01/23/17


Snorkling time!!!

Its a beautiful day for my excursion time. U know what I got the tour for snorkling around the island. Yaaay… Thanks again for the lovely shorex team on Noordy.

Shorex or Shore Excursion team always give crew, like me, a chance to enjoy the tour provided for guests on board as a tour escort. Basically 1 crew per tour to help out & look after the guests during the tour. Nice idea rite?

The tour started at 1:30pm. There were 10 of us on the tour, picked up by a van to the location & its only about 20 minutes driving from the ship. When we arrived on the spot, a boat already waiting for us, so we juz hop on it

By the time I know why the tour us called “semi submersible & snorkle”, thats because there is a window underneath the boat so u can see the fish swimming in the sea.


This is how the boat looks like


Me & the guests. Basically my job is just enjoying the tour given to me. Lol

Well the guide gave us about 45 minutes free time snorkling in the sea. To capture the moments I have a GoPro that I borrowed from Kasmuri, the crew cook. He is a cook that cooking for crew member. Basically without him, there will be no food in the mess room for crew. Lol😂


Under the sea

Have a look my underwater video here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BP6FRtWjS_9/

I even had a chance to meet & greet wiv one of the coconut crab on the cafe. But I seems too scared to touched that thing. 😂😂😂


Me: “pleas juz hold it for a picture    The crab: “dont touch me! Go away stranger!”

BINGO & Raffle Time!


It is a must for us to do the crew BINGO & Raffle on every month. I & Sabina are the coordinator for this kind of event. We bought cool prizes for crew to be won. Basically you just need to buy the raffle tickets & win those prizes, then for the BINGO well the winner will get cash.


Here’s the raffle prizes. People always excited with the “happening” items, like gadgets

We always do it in the Crew Mess room or crew recreation area. Sometimes people are excited about it depends of what the prizes we got.

“1 hour” back was the perfect time to do this kind of event. What is it? So basically because we’re cruising among countries, the time zone also automatically will be changed. If the ship heading to the east, when we enter the new time zone, it will be 1 hour forward. If we’re heading to the west, so it will be 1 hour backward. Simple isn’t it?


I dont like when this sign posted in the crew area

And here are the winners!!!


Home Sweet Home @ anywhere

If you ask one of us, who doesn’t belong to his/her home, nope! Everybody misses their home. We are like maybe thousand miles away from home with 10 months working at sea, well

every function have different length of contract though. That’s why there will be a “homesick” besides the seasick.
But for me, everywhere, anywhere is like home. I enjoy every single moment on board while I working. I know it is very different when you working on land like the everyday like Monday, or we don’t have weekend even holiday, but I still love this.
Actually here onboard we got everything we need. Like proper cabin for sleep with AC inside the room, water you to take a shower every day with hot/cold one, you have enough foods, and entertainments. Also we have a lot of friends to socialize with, about hundreds crew members onboard LOL.


Me & friends while spent time with the ping pong games on board

Usually after working hour, I spent my time with my friends like playing games, ping pong, or only chit chat in the crew bar.
So no matter what, I always bring my home together with me at anywhere & anytime.


You can enjoy your favourite movies in yr cabin Lol

A Date with Fondy in Easo, 01/22/17


Scenic view leaving the Noordam with tender boat

Usually I’m not really interested in Pacific cruise. But at this chance I signed up for tour escort in Easo. I went to enjoy the Luecila Beach (read: uceela) that located on the other side of the island.

So, a nite before I got the ticket from Natalie from the shorex team (thanks hunny!) and its said that I need to be on the pier at 12 noon. Means that I have to rush after the office hour, & my office hour in the morning is from 8pm to 12pm & its tender port. 😂😂😂

But I made it though even was on the pier at 12.30pm. I took a picture while the local people welcoming us as a tourists. Well, it was a nice weather, warm & sunny.


Nice view on the pier


Performace from local people to welcome the visitors

1pm, its time to ride the minibus for the Luecila beach. The trip was 20 minutes and the views remind me of my home place in Tomohon.the tour guide didn’t talk so much, so we felt kinda boring along the way. 😑😑😑


On the way to Luecila beach

When we’re arrived, well the beach was gorgeous. So blue and clean, and the sands was so smooth & white. The local people greet us with coconut waters & some tropical fruits on the table.


The time when we arrived in the market of Luecila Beach


The beach view from the market

And then the tour guide gave us a little bit explanation about Easo. Its still the part of France, the administrative city is in Noumea, the currency is franc. After that we had 1.5 hours of free time to enjoy the beach. Thats it!!!😨😨😨


I found my best spot to lay myself

I just walked around the beach took some pictures, actually nothing to do in there because I didn’t wanna swim until I found a good spot under the coconut tree for laying down myself. Around 10 minutes later a dog juz came over & sat next to me.


An hour date of me & Fondy

It was so emotional like she knew that I’m being alone at that time & wanted to cheered me up. I named her “Fondy” because she found me on the beach 😂😂😂

Lately I had a nice date with fondy but only about for an hour because we need to go back to the ship. Well, see u later fondy, I thought she will followed me over to the car but I was wrong. She juz dissepeared somewhere 😰

Well at least it was great though, I had my own time being alone & necame one with the nature, relief from the routine at works


Time to got back on the ship

Family Makan in the Crew Mess on Noumea, 01/21/17


Family Makan event or Crew Appreciation Dinner

Every month is a must for doing the family makan on Noordam. What is it? Its kinda crew appreciation dinner in the crew mess area. What is crew mess area? Its a place where crew member on the ship eating, chilling out, playing games, or whatever so we’re not get bored.


Here’s the crew mess room


Today I will juz tell u a story about my life as a crew member inside the board. Well for us everyday is Monday, no weekend, no day off, no holiday even we’re in the middle of people during their holiday called “guests”.

There are various positions and functions with different job descriptions from engineering, nautical, culinary, housekeeping, entertainment, etc. But we’re working for one, aside from monnies, to pleasing our guests.

That’s why we have the “Family Makan” or crew appreciation dinner to make crew happy with the upgraded foods, so we can smile infront of guests, & guests will be happy as well, & more monies for crew, & happier, … never ending story. Well this is not always the only way to make us happy, but at least there’s something rite? 😂😂😂

Anyway, the team from dining room always taking part to decorate the crew mess room. As u can see the theme so Indonesians because mostly the crew is from Indonesia in that department. Thank u for the nice job team!!!


The crew messroom was decorated nicely by the Dining room team


Because this event for crew members so the one who serve them are officers. Who are they? Officers are they are in the management level, our bosses. Even Captain doing the serving.


Some of the officers taking part to serve the crew member


Together sharing the happiness Lol


Crew also looks very happy. Hopefully not only at the camera.

It was nice isn’t it? The offical time for this event is from 4pm and ended at 6pm. As always I’m the one be the paparazzi in the midlle of it. 😂😂😂


Food quality is very important for crew onboard. Haha