Research for Startup

Hi guys,

Its me. My colleagues called me “Mogi”
(u also can call wiv that name)


This is how i start googling

I’ve decided to start a blog. Did some research thru the interner by googling it (thanks for Larry Page & Sergey Brin-they’re not my close mate), finally I “tried” this website.

Let see hows it gonna work. Basically I’m here to share u guys my experiences while I’m having fun at work. I’m a seafarer, working on a cruise ship. And this is my second year with Noordam. Its a Holland America Line cruise. A lot of fun stuffs I’m excited about to work aboard, & I promise myself to share it on here.

After all, I’m sorry if u find out my English not so good, because my mother language is Bahasa.

Best regards,


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