Scenic Wildlife with Sailing-Ketch in Akaroa (NZ), 01/09/17

Our previous port call of Akaroa (NewZealand) I had a chance from my lovely coulleagues in SHOREX department for a tour with a sailing ketch to see wildlife around the port. At 12:20pm I had to got myself in the tender boat, heading shore side. Apperantly its a tender port and about 20 minutes from the ship. Even I hate to go ashore on tender port, but it was nice though and very cold outside.

I was arrive safely wiv the other guests and friends. Then here’s the sailing ketch for my tour. Yayyyyy!


Her name is Fox2. I dont know what happened with the 1st one

When I saw it, OMG this would be great. The real sailing boat. Only 12 of us, me as an tour escort & 11 guests from Noordam, plus 3 sailing crew & a captain in a boat. We start sailing to the open sea around 1pm. Very glad that I’m wore 3 layers of clothing and very comfy inside it. Haha…


This is how we fit into the boat

Wonderful views, good weather, and I could see some animals like birds (I forgot the name of the birds but they can swim up to 20 meters), seals, dolphins, and a penguin. During the tour the offering hot choc/coffee/tea with ginger biscuit. Gignger is good to get over sea sick. But for me no more sea sickness. I’ve been thru the worst rough sea than this one for 3 days on my previous contract.


The important one is I was captured the dolphins!

One of the crew that i forgot her name, she’s a backpacker from French and has been working together to run this tour for about 1.5 months. We had chit-chating a bit & told me that next week she & her other friends will be in Australia.


This is the French girl that I forgot her name

I juz knew that a lot of backpackers working as a part timer in new zealand or aussie. Thats good though because you can got pocket money from the tips.

At least but not the last, thank u for the great tour. I will sign myself for another tour onboard. SHOREX team, please, please, please put me on priority as an tour escort so I can write more & more stories


Scenic view while heading back from the tour to the tender port.



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