Short Time Shore Leave in Napier (NZ), 01/12/17

Another day in paradise. I need to topup my sim card & buy some more datas for internet. Well, its a common thing that all crew members should hav a local sim card for internet. Every country different sim card.

Why we’re doing this? Because internet on the ship is very expensive. USD20 you’ll get 222 MB or Rp 226K/222MB. So whenever we’re on port, just buy a sim card. In Newzealand I’m using skinny simcard. Its a brand new provider (becoz in my previous contract I never saw it) which is u can get NZD20/1GB or IDR190K/1GB for a month.


Check this site for detail:

So, I went to the downtown with a free shuttle bus provided by the company & finally I bought the topup. Its about 15 minutes drive to the town. Quite nice though, it has a lot of stores and cafe. Only for 10 minutes then I ran back to the ship. When i arrived in the terminal, wow! There were a lot of vintage cars in front of the ships. I took some pictures with it.


Me, looking at the vintage cars


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