Day Out in Tauranga (NZ) with Alex, 01/13/2017

Doing the Aussie-Newzie cruise is really exciting. This is my second contract with Noordam, again, but I still love this itinerary. 14 days cruise then the next one after this will be the pacific one.

We’re docked besides the mount Maunganui. What makes its beatiful and atractive is the beaches, the mount & street mall are located side by side. So, u can enjoy hiking, swimming, or shopping/eat&drink there.


The beach & the mountain alongside in Tauranga


I even made it on the top of the mount Maunganui

Are u a fan of Lord of the Rings movies or Hobbit? When u re here its the time for u to explore the Hobitton movie set. I’ve been there once in my previous contract (December 2015) & it was awesome. Only about half an hour from mt. Maunganui.

Me & Alex (the future cruise consultant onboard) decided to hang out for a bit, & apperantly we found this brautiful cafe. Alex is from Newzealand as well & she’s married with Mario from Indonesia. We’ve been 2 contracts working together on the same ship.


Me & Alex’s Day out in port of Tauranga. Only for a cuppa coffe with wifi

We ordered coffee & beers while surfing (I mean surfing the internet wiv fast wifi connection in there LOL). This cafe has cool decoration as u can see in the pictures.


They have a boat inside the cafe. Nice idea isn’t it?


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