Waroeng Wardani with Indonesian Food in Auckland (NZ)-01/14/17

Usually we do Auckland as a homeport but now it wasn’t. It means that no embarkation day & has small crew change. So on that morning everuthing is gping smothly with embarking crew members in the terminal.

Oh yeah, I’m working as a Human Resources clerk onboard with my manager, Sabina. Basically what we do is taking care the crew life & wellfare. Different from the front of the house, our guest is crew.


This is Sabina & me. Juz wanna say Happy New Year!!!

In the afternoon me & Wahyu, the crew office clerk nextdoot to my office, went out for a bit. I planned to buy some toiletries because we need to be well groomed while working. So we headed to Countdown Supermarket.

I got my things, Wahyu as well. Busy day in the supermarket & there were only 2 cashiers in that time. But no worries u can still do the self-service cashier. Its pretty easy and quick also plenty of them. I never seen this type of technology in Indonesia. Does anyone know?


Wahyu while doing transaction with the self-service cashier

Next stop is Waroeng Wardani. Its indonesian cullinary fave place in town. Very famous among the indonesian crew & close to the cruise ship terminal but this was my first time



A lot of indonesians food choises

Apperantly I was so full at that time so I just ordered a glass of iced tea/Es teh manis.


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