A Selfie with Opera House in Sydney, 01/18/17


Noordam while docked side by side with the famous Opera House

Everybody on the Noordam happy because Β we’re docked on the Overseas Passenger Cruise terminal at this time. The other terminal, White Bay, is really not good because nothing there. U need to get water taxi or shuttle bus if u wanna go to the town.


Top-White Bay terminal; Bottom-Overseas Passenger Terminal. U know what I mean rite?

In the Overseas Terminal u can go to the downtown only by walking for 5 minutes only. A lot of shops so be careful wiv your pocket. Maybe u will spend some munnies as well. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Today I had an important mission. To carry on with 2 bags of coins from the ship to the bank. We have a lots of mixed unused coins came from crew members. So I need to change AUD coins into notes, & the non USD/AUD/NZD coins goes to Unicef as a donation.

So, I made it to the Commonwealth bank in Martin Place. Its an awesome bank with classic style of building. They have a good coins counting machine though & took a picture of it. The rest of the coins I juz gave it to a chinese girl teller.


U see how classic this commonwealth bank


Me & the coin counting machine xxx

Next one I went to a store named JB HI-FI which is a well known electronic store in both Aussie & Newzie. I bought my ukulele in JB HI-FI Melbourne last year in my 1st contract. But now i bought some raffle prizes for the crew Bingo & raffle on the 26th. (I’ll tell u what it is next time)

Everything done in 1.5 hours. Yaaay. Time yo got back to the ship. But I still need something to do. The Opera House is my next one… I still have time though. Its 3pm and the last gangway was 6pm. Hohoho, still plenty of times.

So guys, if u want to enjoy yr shore time, just be careful with the last gangway or all aboard time. Usually it will be placed on the gangway. Make sure u return back on time or 30 mins before, otherwise u’ll missed the ship. 😱😱😱

Its only 15mins walking to the opera house. The weather is really warm & sunny. And finally I made it to the famous Opera House. Took about 10 minutes for selfie (so sad because nobody wants to help me withe the photo taking😭😭😭)


I took a funny picture of funny guy sitting on the air while walked down to the Opera House


Me & the Opera House


More pictures


There are like a food court under the Opera House with free wifi

Then I spent about 1 hour for free wifi underneath the Opera House. How cool is it? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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