Family Makan in the Crew Mess on Noumea, 01/21/17


Family Makan event or Crew Appreciation Dinner

Every month is a must for doing the family makan on Noordam. What is it? Its kinda crew appreciation dinner in the crew mess area. What is crew mess area? Its a place where crew member on the ship eating, chilling out, playing games, or whatever so we’re not get bored.


Here’s the crew mess room


Today I will juz tell u a story about my life as a crew member inside the board. Well for us everyday is Monday, no weekend, no day off, no holiday even we’re in the middle of people during their holiday called “guests”.

There are various positions and functions with different job descriptions from engineering, nautical, culinary, housekeeping, entertainment, etc. But we’re working for one, aside from monnies, to pleasing our guests.

That’s why we have the “Family Makan” or crew appreciation dinner to make crew happy with the upgraded foods, so we can smile infront of guests, & guests will be happy as well, & more monies for crew, & happier, … never ending story. Well this is not always the only way to make us happy, but at least there’s something rite? 😂😂😂

Anyway, the team from dining room always taking part to decorate the crew mess room. As u can see the theme so Indonesians because mostly the crew is from Indonesia in that department. Thank u for the nice job team!!!


The crew messroom was decorated nicely by the Dining room team


Because this event for crew members so the one who serve them are officers. Who are they? Officers are they are in the management level, our bosses. Even Captain doing the serving.


Some of the officers taking part to serve the crew member


Together sharing the happiness Lol


Crew also looks very happy. Hopefully not only at the camera.

It was nice isn’t it? The offical time for this event is from 4pm and ended at 6pm. As always I’m the one be the paparazzi in the midlle of it. 😂😂😂


Food quality is very important for crew onboard. Haha


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