Home Sweet Home @ anywhere

If you ask one of us, who doesn’t belong to his/her home, nope! Everybody misses their home. We are like maybe thousand miles away from home with 10 months working at sea, well

every function have different length of contract though. That’s why there will be a “homesick” besides the seasick.
But for me, everywhere, anywhere is like home. I enjoy every single moment on board while I working. I know it is very different when you working on land like the everyday like Monday, or we don’t have weekend even holiday, but I still love this.
Actually here onboard we got everything we need. Like proper cabin for sleep with AC inside the room, water you to take a shower every day with hot/cold one, you have enough foods, and entertainments. Also we have a lot of friends to socialize with, about hundreds crew members onboard LOL.


Me & friends while spent time with the ping pong games on board

Usually after working hour, I spent my time with my friends like playing games, ping pong, or only chit chat in the crew bar.
So no matter what, I always bring my home together with me at anywhere & anytime.


You can enjoy your favourite movies in yr cabin Lol


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