BINGO & Raffle Time!


It is a must for us to do the crew BINGO & Raffle on every month. I & Sabina are the coordinator for this kind of event. We bought cool prizes for crew to be won. Basically you just need to buy the raffle tickets & win those prizes, then for the BINGO well the winner will get cash.


Here’s the raffle prizes. People always excited with the “happening” items, like gadgets

We always do it in the Crew Mess room or crew recreation area. Sometimes people are excited about it depends of what the prizes we got.

“1 hour” back was the perfect time to do this kind of event. What is it? So basically because we’re cruising among countries, the time zone also automatically will be changed. If the ship heading to the east, when we enter the new time zone, it will be 1 hour forward. If we’re heading to the west, so it will be 1 hour backward. Simple isn’t it?


I dont like when this sign posted in the crew area

And here are the winners!!!



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