Snorkle Time in Port Vila, Vanuatu, 01/23/17


Snorkling time!!!

Its a beautiful day for my excursion time. U know what I got the tour for snorkling around the island. Yaaay… Thanks again for the lovely shorex team on Noordy.

Shorex or Shore Excursion team always give crew, like me, a chance to enjoy the tour provided for guests on board as a tour escort. Basically 1 crew per tour to help out & look after the guests during the tour. Nice idea rite?

The tour started at 1:30pm. There were 10 of us on the tour, picked up by a van to the location & its only about 20 minutes driving from the ship. When we arrived on the spot, a boat already waiting for us, so we juz hop on it

By the time I know why the tour us called “semi submersible & snorkle”, thats because there is a window underneath the boat so u can see the fish swimming in the sea.


This is how the boat looks like


Me & the guests. Basically my job is just enjoying the tour given to me. Lol

Well the guide gave us about 45 minutes free time snorkling in the sea. To capture the moments I have a GoPro that I borrowed from Kasmuri, the crew cook. He is a cook that cooking for crew member. Basically without him, there will be no food in the mess room for crew. Lol😂


Under the sea

Have a look my underwater video here:

I even had a chance to meet & greet wiv one of the coconut crab on the cafe. But I seems too scared to touched that thing. 😂😂😂


Me: “pleas juz hold it for a picture    The crab: “dont touch me! Go away stranger!”


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