Walking thru the Downtown of Lautoka, 01/26/17


Scenic view in the downtown of Lautoka

I have a short break time; well I can explore the city a little bit. I’m happy now they provide us a shuttle bus to the down town. On my last contract, we need to walk for about 20 minutes. FYI, Lautoka is part of the Pacific island in Fiji. They’re using Fiji Dollars.

So I step on to the brand new minivan, so comfy and freshen inside it. We reached the downtown only for 5 minutes, better than the last time LOL. They have like 4 or 5 provided shuttles, so it will be like 10 minutes waiting time for us.

The town is nice & clean as you can see in the picture. I like the sight of the downtown. The streets, buildings were nice & well organized. Everybody is friendly and they speaks English very well even the kids. Very impressive! I learned my first English in Junior High School. Haha…

Shops around the town are very unique. Almost all of them selling music instrumental like ukulele (my favorite one), guitar & drums. The same like in Indonesia, some of local people offering Samsung smartphone when you passing by them.


Shops around the downtown. Plenty of them offering discounts!

Anyway, besides have a little walk, I also need to buy a local sim card. So I went to the one & only Digicel store that provide the sim card. I heard that they are offering like $6 Fijian Dollar for 1 GB, and that’s true. I got what I want but I spent about 30 minutes for the process. OMG!


I need to deal with this receptionist for about 30 minutes juz for 1 sim card

Well that’s my story for today.


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