Discovering the Kuto – Île des Pines, 01/28/17


This is the trully paradise Island



It’s another day in paradise, island of the pines. That’s what people called for this island. Today we were tendering, again, so I need to hop on the tender boat to catch up my tour (as always almost being late, LOL). From the boat I knew it would be a beautiful day with the white talcum sand beach, but I’m not coming for swimming.

The bus already awaits for me & 46 other tour members (of course the guests & I am the escort), ready to bring us thru the panoramic of Kuto & reveal it secrets. Kelemana introduced herself as our tour guide for our 2 hours tour. She’s mixture of France & New Caledonia, can speaks English, France, & Kunye (the her mother language)


A selfie of Kelemana & me

The first sight was “Cave of Queen Hortense” in the middle of the forest. We only need about 5 minutes to reach the cave & you need to watch your steps because it was raining this morning. A little story from the cave for you, this was the place of a Queen named Kanedjio to hide from her tribes so she could not be killed.


Kanedji Vandegou or the Queen od Hortense


The way to access the cave. Its only about 5 minutes walking from the paking lot

Why? When her father (the high chief in that time) died in a war, she was only 1 year old. In their tradition, the only one who can replace the chief is his son, & the high chief only has 1 daughter, Kanedjio. Her uncle realized that people want to kill her, so to settle down everything Kanedjio was taken to this cave for about 6 months.
The end of the story, Kanedjio was married with her cousin so the high chief can be taken by him, & Kanedjio can still alive.


This is the view of the cave

Driving thru the village of the Vao tribe we’re heading to the sanduesef bay. It’s the other side of Kuto Island with some carving’s boat by the beach. As you can see on the picture that I took, really nice & beautiful, looks like a postcard, haha. Unfortunately, we only have 10 minutes to chilling around then need to go for the next spots.


The houses of Vao tribe’s citizen. Luckily they don’t nee to pay any taxes. Lol


The island has about 3,000 population & 90% of them are Catholic. There are only 2 churches in the island. The first one, church of Lady of the assumption, was built in 1848 & spent about 40 years to finish it then the other one just an additional. Next to the church is a public school for elementary & high school with no cost for the people. If you want to continue your study, the university is in Nouméa.


The Vao’s Lady of Assumption Catholic church


The one public elementary/high school in Kuto, the island of pine

Last site is the Bay of St. Maurice. This is the first Catholic Missionary, St. Maurice, arrived in Kuto. You can see in the pictures there is one statue of Jesus surrounded by totems. People believe that as long the totems there they’re always protected from the evil spirits.
Well, everybody was happy after the tour including me. Time to get back on the ship which is supposed to be the last tender boat is 3:30pm, but we arrived in the pier at 3:40pm LOL.


St. Maurice Bay


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