Hang out with Linge (a girl who lives in Melbourne), 02/02/2017


One time in Melbourne I was make an appointment for having lunch outside with Linge, my fellow-sister. It’s been a long time since I have not seen her. Around 1pm I got changed & ready to go to the downtown of Melbourne.

I think it’s one of the nice cities in Aussie & have an easy access to the downtown from the cruise ship terminal. So the city provide bunch of transportation like trams, buses, trains & so well organized. I’m pretty impressed with it. One card to pay for any kind of it & if you just wanna use the tram only in the downtown, it’s totally free!!!


Top: Indonesian Bus, bottom: melbourne’s tram. Almost looks the same eyy. lol


I needed to meet her in the Collins St. with the tram & you only have to pass 4 tram’s stops for 15 minutes. She was sitting there on the station waiting for me. First stop we were going to the nice Thai food restaurant called “ratee Thai.” Locate on the Flinders St, Melbourne VIC because I really missed the Asian food. Apparently this restaurant is the one and only also the favorite one in the city. The price was fair, not really expensive both of us just spent about AUD 18. Check out the website: http://www.rateethai.com/

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Next one we went to get some desserts on the “POP STIC” ice cream in the Federation Square, next to the Riverland Bar. Then again it’s the one & only brand in Melbourne. I bought the green Gin Watermelon & Linge the Pink one which was I forgot the taste LOL.  So, both of us just enjoyed our ice cream along the road. Check out for the website: http://popsticicecream.com.au/


Pop stic for dessert

Well, it wasn’t really much to do though because I need to return back onboard at 5pm. At the end; we went to her apartment. Next time we gonna meet again & plan something exciting!!!



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